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Aug 25, 2013 12:40pm EDT
of the economy with former fdic and formera bair white house economic adviser john taylor. this is from the national press club last week. this is about one hour. >> good morning and welcome to the national press club. i am jennifer schonberger of the national journalists. the national press club is an organization for journalists. you can learn more about the club online. more than four years after the recession officially ended, the economy is stuck in second gear. gdp has grown less than two percent for three consecutive quarters. that is below the average growth rate of two percent for the duration of this recovery and well below the three percent rate economy has historically grown. incomes are stagnant and unemployment is high at 7.4%. workers dropped out of the workforce because they are discouraged. the housing market is improving. how much longer will our economy remain stuck in the mud. nearly five years into the financial crisis, what is the state of the banking system now? what can be done to pull america out of this tepid period of growth? we are joined by incredible expert
Al Jazeera America
Aug 29, 2013 7:00pm EDT
jazeera. the economy kicks it up a notch, i will tell you how the u.s. measures up to the rest of the world, plus, i'll dig into seattle's massive underground project, and explore whether infrastructure megaproducts are an economic cure. as fast food workers do on strike, see the that's been good or bad for the businesses there. this is real money. >> this is "real money." yo uh are the most important part of this show, so join our live conversation, by using the #a j real money. well, mixed signals or not, the economy appears to be on the right track. gpd, on their own, perfectly fine letters but together the most important letters in the alphabet. gross domestic product. it drew at an annualized rate of 2.5% between april and june compared to the first three months of the year. now, that is higher than the governments initial estimate. and more than twice as fast as the economy grew in the first three months of the year. now, historically, about 3% is average. generally economists think that gdp needs to grow at around three to 4% a year for a healthy economy. now, let me giv
Aug 25, 2013 1:00pm EDT
of information so that all the knowledge and the economy really is coming from the supply, the goods and services that will create and trade with one another. and again, as thomas pointed out, all economic transactions are really transactions of knowledge, differential knowledge. each of us knows different things, and that is really what we are trading. the material is conserved in physics. that is, you cannot create more of it. and all of the changes and progress that we enjoy come from the advance of knowledge and learning. they're is a lot in this book about the learning curve that is really the foundation of economic progress. >> host: you talk about the company qualcomm and "knowledge and power." why? >> guest: qualcomm is a great company. it was really the foundation of the wireless bonanza cornucopia that we are all enjoying today. it really was launched by qualcomm. i was there talking to andy and irwin jacobs and john paul jacobsen later took over the company. they introduced me to every nation theory. it's the one who is claude shannon? >> guest: the founder of information theory and wa
Aug 26, 2013 1:00am EDT
devoid of information. the knowledge in the economy really is comes from the supply. the goods and services we all create and trade with one another. as thomas pointed out all economic transactions are really transactions of knowledge. differential knowledge. each of us knows different things, and that's really what we're trading. the trerlists conceived in physic. you can't create more of it. and it's all the change in progress that we enjoy comes from the advance of knowledge and learning. and there's a lot in the book about the learning curve is really the foundation of economic progress. >> you talk abou the company qualcomm in "knowledge and power." why? >> qualcomm is the great company. it's really the foundation of this wireless bonanza cornucopia that we enjoy today. that really was launched by qualcomm. i was -- well, i was at qualcomm in the earliest period talking to andy and irwin jacobs and they introduced me to information theories. >> who is clod shannon? >> the founder of information theory and the teacher of irwin jacobs. founder of qualcomm. the quite insight
Al Jazeera America
Aug 28, 2013 8:30am EDT
your confidence in this economy, but a big oil spike will. stocks tumbled on tuesday with the dow closing down more than 170 points for the day. but that is just a little more than a percent. investors seem concerned about the possibility of an attack on syria, and they are also worried about oil. oil prices went up more than $3 a barrel on sunday. and they settled at the highest price in 18 months. we mark a point every day, 2:30 pm eastern as the settle price in oil. syria doesn't have much oil, but problems could spread into neighboring iraq or the gulf states. the ups and downs of the financial markets may effect many of us through our 401k retirement accounts. and the average balance in its plans is up approximately 11% from a year ago. that's good news. but the other part of the story is something most of us pay no attention to. fees that can eat away at a nest e.g. duerte reports. >> reporter: daniel karr is taking a break before returning to our job as a software engineer, but she has never taken a break from planning for the day she'll stop working. teenager. >> i got my
Aug 22, 2013 6:00am EDT
this economy needs. the problem is that the political debate is very -- right now. we need structural reforms. we need more balanced aggregate demand. we need to deal with debt overhang and persistent behavior that underlines this economy. we need some really good micro elements that have to do with the education system and labor retraining. >> until we get that -- >> until we get there, we are stuck at two percent. the longer we are stuck at two percent, the more potential growth we are coming down. the problems get structurally embedded. look at long-term unemployed and youth unemployment. >> mr. taylor, the economy has changed since the recession. many workers don't possess the necessary skills to meet the available job openings. are we looking at permanently higher unemployment for some time to come? >> i don't think we are. the problem with the unemployment rate remaining high with job growth hardly keeping up with the population could change. it depends very much on policy. to me, it is not so much second gear although i like the analogy. it is more this big heavyweight on the back of t
Al Jazeera America
Aug 27, 2013 7:00pm EDT
it seems you still hot on the u.s. economy and with good reason. home prices up again. stocks are down, but oil prices are up. the nest egg you are building with your 401k may have a fixable crack in it. all of that is coming up. i'm ali velshi, and this is "real money." ♪ >>> this is "real money." you are the most important part of the show, so join our conversation for the next half hour by using the hashtag ajrealmoney. perception of the economy is economic reality in the u.s. how you feel governs how you spend. and the brand new consumer confidence survey shows you are feeling good. the same survey a month ago showed your confidence waned compared to june. when you dig into the survey, you see your confidence in current economic conditions is lower than it was in july, but you are more confident about the next six months than you were a month ago. and even though you may be putting off big purchases, your are confident enough to take a vacation in the next six months. so what gives? a great deal of confidence stems from your home. home prices have kept climbing this summer, and t
FOX News
Aug 24, 2013 8:30am PDT
are calling for a boycott of the u.s. with violent crime on the rise, will the economy take the fall? plus, just when you thought the nsa scandal couldn't get worse, now this. reports out the agency can snoop on three-quarters of all internet traffic. those being watched not just terror suspects. innocent miles per hours like you and me. then, a rare moment. hollywood heartthrobs making waves in a good way. what ashton kutchner said that has sarah palin and rush limbaugh singing his praises. "cashin' in" starts now. hi, everyone. i'm eric bolling. welcome to "cashin' in." the crew this week, wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig, katie and juan williams. australian chris lane was in oklahoma to have fun playing baseball at college. they gunned him down for fun. given the number of violent crime on the rise in the u.s., wayne, this is a credible, real threat to the economy. >> oh, yes, eric. for example, the ten most dangerous cities, poverty on the rise, unemployment on the rise. crime on the rise. when you have crime on the rise, you to do something in account of that. police tactic and things th
Aug 28, 2013 7:00pm PDT
he have what it takes, the political clout to kickstart an economy that is falling further behind? that's will be -- >> beginning in the newsroom where the focus once again is squarely on syria. let's say hello. how are you? >> very well. syria is donating. these are the headlines. their probe says the security council must uphold its responsibility of chemical weapons. as the national security council bags action, urging us to wait. it has been 50 years since the i had a dream speech. martin luther king will be at the very spot where martin luther king delivered his iconic ledge. the united kingdom is pulling a resolution to the united states security council, authorizing necessary measures to -- russia has urged the west to wait for a report before introducing blame to chemical weapons usage. the uk proposal came as the foreign secretary said it is time the u.n. shouldered responsibilities. >> we have to confront something that is a war crime and a crime against humanity. so, we continue to look for a strong response from the international community that is legal and will deter
Aug 28, 2013 11:00pm PDT
markets around the world. asia's emerging economies were hit especially hard. fears the u.s. federal reserve would stop tapering its stimulus program were already putting pressure on asian markets. now investors are concerned rising oil prices could further hurt growth in the region. the benchmark index in the philippines, one of the best performer so far this year, don 3%. the main index of thailand dropped 1.4%. now almost down 20% since late may. the dubai stock index fell 1.3%, adding to the 7% loss on tuesday. analysts say the long-term impact will depend on how long the potential military intervention will last. >> the main thing investors are waiting for is the extent of intervention. assuming it is limited. we should probably see a quick turnaround. >> as the u.s. and allies are considering military intervention in syria in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons, there is global concern it could pose a threat to the global oil supply. the conflict already pushed crude prices to a 67 month high. >> -- a six-month high. >> in recent days, the possibility of a u.s.-led
Aug 22, 2013 1:00am EDT
ladies." coming up, the state of the u.s. economy. later, the march on washington oral histories. >> on the next "washington dehaven on that disability insurance program. on thehat, frank oliveri joint strike fighter program. art probably nsa ch looks like. "washington journal" is live every day as 7 a.m. eastern. >> let's begin with a very well- known novelist. what brought you? thiswas born a negro in country and welcome deeply. there was no reason not to be involved what is considered the most important and most noted demonstration to free americans. until recently, like most americans, i have expressed my support of civil rights by talking largely about at cocktail parties. summer,y americans this i could no longer pay lip service to a cause that was urgently right and in a time that is so urgently now. tvsunday, american history marks the 50th anniversary of the march on washington with historic and contemporary roundtable discussions. we will have a visit to that gallery, a theater performance of the 1960s civil rights movements. it starts at 1 p.m. eastern, part of america
FOX Business
Aug 25, 2013 1:00am EDT
directly to the consumer. we talk about low interest rates. our market, our economy is not -- has no shock absorber to absorb something like inflation. this isn't a huge spike. this is inflation. >> john, do you agree? >> we'll see higher food prices. but we would see that if illegal immigrants picks up, too. at the end of the day, the most businesses, not like apple computer, they're if a tight margin. any additional cost gets passed on to the consumer. that's like saying we pay a lot for movies now because all the people that work on movies has insurance. this is an industry where no one has that cost and we get the benefit of cheap produce. it's not like lighting money on fire. we're going to pay more money for food and some people will use money in the health care area. food sales will go down in the supermarket, it's not going to destroy the market. >> gary, california is really the nation's salad bowl. consumers are already squeezed. this is going to add to their problems, their budgetary problems, isn't it? >> i agree. i think it's going to add more significantly than jonas thinks.
FOX News
Aug 24, 2013 4:30pm EDT
for a boycott of the u.s. with violent crime on the rise, will our economy take the fall? >>> plus, just when you thought the nsa scandal couldn't get any worse, now this. reports out the agency can snoop on three quarters of all internet traffic and those being watched not just terror suspects, but innocent americans like you and me. >>> then, a rare moment, a hollywood heart throb making waves in a good way. what ashton kutcher told kids that has conservatives like ted cruz, rush limbaugh and sarah palin singing his praises. "cashin' in" starts right now. >>> our crew this week, wain rogers, jonathan, katie and juan williams. welcome, everybody. australian chris lane was in oklahoma to have fun while playing baseball at college. they allegedly gunned him down for fun and now some australians are calling to boycott tourism to america and given the number of violent crimes that is on the rise in the u.s., wain, you say this is a very credible, real threat to our economy. >> oh, yes, eric. i mean, you have, for example, the ten most dangerous cities in the united states, you have poverty on th
FOX Business
Aug 26, 2013 8:00pm EDT
they said, what do you think your biggest threat is. if i want to destabilize the economy of the u.s., i set up a fund, and go i through a couple years of trading alga rythm, i have a fat finger knowing it will trigger downstream 20 bad events we saw a na nazdaq freez, and we've seen a flash crash. are not that big into the market. >> no. i sat in a group this week with entrepreneurs and small business people, i said which do you think is more stable, gives you a better with more tra transpar, vegas in the casino or stock market. it was 100%. vegas and the casino. people do not trust the second stock ansecondstock any more --e any more, they don't trust it. there is no system that cannot be hacked. right now or stock markets are no longer built to be sources of capital. they are now platforms for hackers, i don't just mean nefarious hackers, 70% of transaction on the stock exchange. no one is investing in stocks any more they put their money in an index fund, that is risk. neil: the more we see of these types of incidents you are saying less interest we'll have -- have -- >>, of course,. nei
Aug 26, 2013 4:00am EDT
they think makes europe's biggest economy competitive. >> we have a situation in germany which is a culture, we obviously have an engineering culture. it is what we are living off. >>> and it's merger monday in the pharma sector with a deal worth more than $10 billion. >>> and failure awaits the united states if it takes action on syria. that's the threat from president assad as u.s. experts are allowed now to visit the site of an alleged chemical attack. >>> you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >> hi, everybody. welcome. you are watching "worldwide exchange." we're with you for the next two hours in good company, i hope. we've got a lot of guests lined up. and on today's show, despite the ongoing success of south korea's export economy, is it time for change? we have a special report in about 15 minutes' time on that front. >>> maverick australian billionaire clyde palmer is running to be the country's prime minister. can he succeed? we'll be hearing from down under at 10:30 cet. >>> this week we're also bringing you a whole series of repo
Aug 28, 2013 4:30pm PDT
. >> the economy and u.s. seems to be slowing. some production issues would resolve themselves and there is a great argument for the price coming back down as rapidly as it may go up here. >>> now aside from the tension in the middle east, u.s. markets are fixated on when the federal reserve will pull back on bond buying program. wall street is fond of calling it taper, but other markets and economies around the world are also keeping a close eye on the fed. let's take a quick trip around the globe. china, india and brazil to see how they might be effected. >> reporter: here in china, people feel this country would be immune with the u.s. federal reserve scale back. china has capital control so the money flowing out of the emerging market to the united states would mainly becoming from other asian nations. that doesn't mean china is totally out of the woods. analyst say the out flow of capital from this part of the year could hurt the economy. >> quite a bit of panic since the fed came and look at the tapering of the stimulus program, depresuated more than 7%. stock markets jumped more than 10%. a
Aug 26, 2013 9:30am PDT
of california and undocumented folks in san francisco that are not part of our official economy that are hiding. because of fear that will not participate in health prevention because of fear. because of that we have to have an immigration policy it is forward-looking and make sure there's a path to censorship[p. we're in a worldwide talent war. are we going to lose to other great cities or are we going to make sure we're getting the talent. i know the conversations are a bit sensitive but we're not taking anything away from our companies. i have investments in europe where we train residents to be part of the technology we have but at the same time certain areas need that worldwide talent. event pride is not just here for local customers but for events around the world. and that's true for every company in the chamber of commerce wants worldwide so immigration is part of their dna of recruiting talents to get the worldwide talents that are competent. i want to break in the african and latin america and our businesses to be represented all over the world because our sdm dna is about being a nat
FOX News
Aug 24, 2013 12:00pm PDT
. troubling new information about how the economy is weakening the middle class, coming up next. >>> and the sentencing phase set to begin monday in the fort hood shooting court-martial. could major nidal hassan get the death penalty for his crimes? our legal panel weighs in straight ahead. any last requests mr. baldwin? do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too. you bet. now if you like that, press the red button on top. ♪ how did he not see that coming? what's in your wallet? first wait till summer. then get the cars ready. now add the dodge part. ♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. it's a reality check. i had my reality check when i'd be sitting there with my friends who had their verizon phon
Aug 29, 2013 12:00pm EDT
that the direction in the market is going higher because the economy, the direction of the economy is going higher. >> there was one other important data point today and that was the bureau of economic analysis, another agency, came out and said corporate profits are basically up 10%. that's a powerful number, and puts to bed some of the concerns about profitability. >> so this last fourth of the year you think could be positive for the stock market. >> i think it's critical. i think expectations have come down to a level where it could be very positive. >> to josh's point right at the top, he hit the home builders, but you take a look at them today, they're the strongest sector out there. lennar, toll brothers, dh horton, pulte homes, all of these are screaming to the upside here today. why? there's a very minor move out of the mortgage rates, down to, what, 451 from 458. that's not really what's driving it, at least not -- >> mortgage rates are up 100% -- 100 basis points in the last 90 days. the fact of the matter is we got a case-shiller report that's way out of date. we got existing home sale
Al Jazeera America
Aug 29, 2013 4:00pm EDT
is getting ready to layout its syria action plan. and the numbers are in, and it is good news for the economy and the gdp beats forecasts. the irs said same sex married couples across the country will now be able to file joint federal tax returns. and the nfl have agreed to pay $17 million to settle a lawsuit to players who say they suffered football-related injuries. >> discrete and limited, that is the response the u.s. is threatening to take against syria for the cue use of chemicl weapons against civilians. but whatever it says it will not be like iraq. >> the president has been cleared he's not contemplating open reaction. what he's contemplating is discrete and limited. >> the president has briefed the house and john boehner. >> i think we can be as certain as possible when we have a regime that has used chemical weapons on 14 occasions and is likely responsible for this large scale attacks, attack, anf nothing is doing they will think they can do it over and over again. >> they are arguing whether reaction will destabilize the question. bashiral asha al-assad is respog to the military
Aug 27, 2013 4:30pm PDT
.s. economy and our nation's reputation. if u.s. military intervenes in that nation's civil war. michelle cabrera has more on why syria matters. >> reporter: stocks fell again as the second member of the administration made clear military intervention in syria is increasingly likely. secretary of defense chuck hagel today on an overseas trip. >> i think it's pretty clear that chemical weapons were use against people in syria. i think that the intelligence will conclude that it wasn't the rebels who used it, the deeper we get into this, it seems to me it's clear and clear that the government of syria was responsible. >> reporter: those words, the clearest signal yet perhaps the u.s. will fulfill the promise president obama made when he said the use of chemical weapons would be crossing a red line. at stake for the united states, crude and credibility. the price of oil rising steady in the face of tensions. >> six-month highs because of concerns what is going on. we're what we're closely watching because syria is not a big oil producer, is there violence spilling over to like iraq, opec's s
Aug 24, 2013 7:00am PDT
their economies? thousands queue for precious work at an industrial estate in cavite, on the edge of the philippine capital, manila. among them is genelyn mercado, a 29-year-old mother of two. she's been out of work for 5 months. >> [speaking native language] >> she's looking for work in a garments factory, to help bring up her two children. but her responsibilities don't end there. >> [speaking native language] >> mother of 3, juna evina, also once worked at cavite, making t-shirts and underwear for upmarket american brand, dkny. >> [speaking native language] >> genelyn, juna, and their families are among the most vulnerable victims of the global economic slump. they lost their livelihoods as asia was rocked by the crash. in the philippines, gdp per head, or average wealth, fell for the first time since 2001, at the beginning of this year. manufacturers dependent on exports to the west were hardest hit. factories in the philippines shed 137,000 jobs. around the world, there are now growing calls for universal social security. dr. rene ofreneo is among the leading advocates for th
Aug 26, 2013 7:00pm EDT
? and don't forget about the economy. more evidence out today there will be no second-half economic rebound. does that push the fed taper way back? might your mortgage rates be coming back down? all those stories and more coming up on "the kudlow report", beginning right now. >>> this is "the kudlow report." first up, the u.s. getting closer and closer to military intervention. secretary of state john kerry left little room for doubt. nbc news's steve handelsman has the details. >> good evening, larry. keep in mind the united nations investigation is not complete. this is the unilateral conclusion of the obama administration, presented dramatically today by a man not usually given to public shows of emotion, u.s. secretary of state john kerry stating it is america's conclusion that syria used chemical weapons. >> and despite the excuses and equalify indications that some have manufactured, it is undeniable. president obama believes there must be accountable for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. nothing today is more serious and
Aug 27, 2013 7:00pm EDT
think the people have been concerned about what's happening in the economy. we've seen terrible numbers running up to last week and the beginning of this week, so i do think there's a big concern. people are starting to back into defensive means and defensive things like gold and oil. >> 18-month high in oil, 109 bucks, this is west texas crude. a lot of people think, i was doing some reading on this this afternoon, a lot of people think when oil gets to 115 or thereabouts and stays there it's a real negative for the economy. what's your thought on that? >> it's absolutely going to be difficult on the economy. it's going to be difficult for anybody who buys gasoline. you're right, larry. these markets got a little bit of a head start before sir yeah for gold and crude oil, that head start was egypt. as far as our stock market is concerned, our bond markets are concerned, they've been heading lower and that head start was the taper. i think that because of all of this the taper is going to be pushed back. larry, today's move was over done i think because the united states is going to act
Aug 25, 2013 10:00am EDT
:00 eastern with more of "washington journal." we will hear about the u.s. economy he will be talking about the recent decision of you yes on the decision not to ensure houses of some employees. will talkillingham about the effort to improve air traffic safety and reduce delays. that is tomorrow morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. i hope you have a great rest of the weekend. we will see you here tomorrow morning. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] lex today debbie wasserman schultz is our guest on "newsmakers." discuss economic inequality. later, a look at the state of the u.s. economy. >> this week on "newsmakers" debbie wasserman schultz chair of the democratic national committee. in the studio we have karen at the "washington post. if i could begin why you are in arizona. the dnc is meeting for their fall meeting. what will you be voting? will be talking about the four key pillars that the democratic national party will focus on over the next election cycle and beyond. those are making sure that we can trai
Al Jazeera America
Aug 26, 2013 7:00pm EDT
-- ajrealmoney. we'll look at windows into our economy, and one of those windows shows us how confident consumers feel about the economy, by being willing to guy things like this electric shaver. this report can be just as useful as measures like home sales, unemployment, and consumer sentiment in judging the state of our economy. now for the news -- [ technical difficulties ] now during goods can be anything from this small electric shaver, to a jumbo jet or a ship. they include big ticket items, basically manufactured items that are meant to last more than three years. there were half the number of airplanes sold. but that has more to do with businesses than consumers. manufacturing saw orders fall almost 10%. are businesses seeing a slowdown that you are not feeling? that's an interesting question. in any case why is this important? because the spending decisions you make effect the economics of this country. spending fall into three brood categories. of these three categories, spending on durable goods tends to be the most volatile. durable goods tell us more about consumers and business sent
Al Jazeera America
Aug 28, 2013 7:00pm EDT
that supports my economy takes the first hit. this viewer said i would have to find a new job. i already have taken a pay cut and i'm low on cash now. the commute would exacerbate the costs. tweet us or leave us a question on facebook. maybe these increasing oil prices b which by the way has st this country in a recession in previous decades, might not be a bad thing. >>> detroit's bankruptcy has sent off a huge legal battle over pensions that it owes its workers. many other american cities have so-called underfunded pensions. some are leaning on taxpayers to make up the difference. i'll show you how charleston, west virginia, is raising revenues and cutting costs so it can pay its pensions. >> reporter: the city is about to impose .005 cents sales tax and is charging everyone a $2 a week fee. >> we've got that story and much more as real money continues. keep it right here. antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. >> bankruptcy hearings resumed in detroit and has folks i with underfunded pensions
Al Jazeera America
Aug 28, 2013 7:30pm EDT
, this is the battle for detroit's future. who are the victims? who are responsible? and most of our economy seems to be empathizing with jonathan. retireeretirees are in now automatically in danger of losing their homes and healthcare and may have to rely on food stamps. so, you the viewer at home, you are our community, and you are the third host of this show. throughout today's show tweet at us, and join the conversation. >> detroit may be at bankruptcy now but at its height it was an elite american city with booming business, bustling streets and adventurous nightlife along the whatever. detroits golden age was full of prosperity, promising a comfortable retirement for those who worked hard. but with the $18 billion debt that promise is in jeopardy. the pensions of 20,000 retirees are at risk as detroit no longer has the funds to meet its commitments. joining us is jim, one of the leading municipal bankruptcy attorneys in the u.s. who thinks that all sides in this case really need to make some concessions. via skype from michigan is james, an economist at the mackinaw center. in detroit is dav
FOX Business
Aug 25, 2013 2:00am EDT
floods the economy with cheap dollars, stock prices go up. if it foods college education with cheap money, cost of tuition goes up. it's no different. >> what do you think? >> it's the latest evidence when compassion drives public policy the result is ultimate ly cruel. you the federal government saying hey, make sure that everyone can go to college, so make it affordable. the end result is it's unaffordable. we know why. when you know that someone is spending money of others is going to back up loans for tuition, it's only log call that that tuition is going to rise. now this isn't the sole driver of it, but a big factor. >> rick, the factors, but also what is going on with the colleges. the staffing. how colleges are, you know, fat cat academics think they are running hotel empires. we talk about that. that is partly driving it, too. what do you think? >> there is an element of that. i see too much building goin on. steve identified powerful points. the president spoke of that. and talked about kids getting to school quicker. using two year universities. he talked about bringing the cos
Aug 27, 2013 4:00am PDT
angie. in our cover story, the fiscal drag on the economy from cuts in government spending may extend longer than previously thought.that's the finding of economists after orders for durable goods---things meant to last at least three years, fell in july. across the u-s, there were fewer orders for aircraft parts, computers and electrical equipment. a downturn that may filter down to m-r-l industries, a suburban chicago maker of the boxes that hold computer components behind cockpit instruments. "it affects the pace. some of our clients will say push the delivery date back to december." economists say struggling overseas markets--which is half of m-r-l's customers and a drop in government spending are to blame. so next month, jim soderquist and a team from m-r- l industries will travel to singapore to drum up business. "i think well get our market share and be back in the growth business." for now, however, there's this dip. new orders of durable goods fell 7.3% in july. but in fairness, it followed a blistering june. there's also a backlog of orders not yet filled. and hope that orde
Aug 26, 2013 11:30pm PDT
in the same way the friends they've grown up and are able to do. the downturn in the economy in 2008 stripped away billions of dollars of wealth and ambassador starting to come back but we must resolve that the damage to families done by the doctor must never happen again. it begins today. on this campus by the year 2029 with the year that marks the centennial dr. king's birth, most of you in this room will have attained the age of dr. king did when he gave his famous speech. your education here at the law school and throughout this university must and will empower you with the ethical values and analytical mind to shape the arguments and city halls, court rooms and boardrooms to empower people and end poverty and discrimination. the university of san francisco of today looks like tomorrow's california. the school of law more than 55% of our students are women. over 52% of our incoming class of students of color. we are preparing all of you to be successful contributors to your future employers, and communities, and strong and caring leaders. ethical professionals. you are preparing each othe
Aug 26, 2013 10:30am PDT
a nightlife that is vibrant and healthy and what is second 5-9 economy stands for. i wanted to come and cheer you on and say thank you for that and i know my colleagues and i look forward to working with all of you for a great future. have a great afternoon. >> [ applause ] >> thank you, supervisor chiu. there has been some changes. our staff is on maternity leave. the person in her place is nag ar. we also have as you may know, i think he's disappeared. there he is. our inspector and sound technician. show your phase. of there you are in the back of the room. >> nicholas king is deputy director and instead we now have the fabulous, the wonderful miss cammy blackstone. c'mon up. so this year at this summit we've introduced something new and different for all of you to participate in. cammy is going to explain it and introduce it to you. >> all right we are trying to keep everybody engaged and involved. my new job is question queen. you may have gotten a yellow card when you came in. those are trivia question cards. i'm going to ask a trivia of questions. it's not a pop quiz. as we go through
Aug 23, 2013 4:00am EDT
to try to upgrade its economy, to manage down the growth expectations for the private sector in a very steady fashion while resolving some of the local government debt issues, property issues. so it is a transitional phase, put i think the tactile market tends to want to see a one-way market, but for the regulators who manage the economy, they like to make changes while keeping things stable. so this is the perfect backdrop of a range bound market and this is what we saw last year, this year, and potentially a good part of next year. >> if we drill down into the sectors, wendy, looking at the financials, to what extent will they suffer from the government's push for further deleveraging. will investors take it as good news because loan growth will be more sustainable, healthier or bad news just because loan growth volumes will be down? >> yeah, i think what happens is probably a soft landing of asset prices over multiple years. and the listed banking sector should be better than the broader banking sector. so i think so far the reported bank results shows an accelerated pace of banks r
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